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I Want My…I Want My MDNA–Bang Vs Madonna

During my career as a novelist I have known wonders! I became an International Bestseller within a few weeks of my first novel hitting the internet. While my career as a novelist flourished I had the opportunity to meet many…many different famous superstars. One in particular is the one and only Madonna! Yes, Ms. MDNA […]

Just The Facts…Ma’am

I came to realize when I started this journey as a writer that it comes with hard work. I actually don’t mind the work. It’s exciting and full of surprises. It is ever changing and I like that. I’m definitely not bored…:) But I am writing this post most because I am working on the edits […]

Chaser — Indiegogo

Chaser — Indiegogo: Shame = Death Chaser is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Chaser must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Story Disconnected from his family, culture, and community, Zachary Gold—a young, promising high […]

Anthony Pedone Interview – MUDKISS FANZINE

anthonypedoneinterview – MUDKISS FANZINE: A great interview for Director Anthony Pedone!! Check it out…