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Bang vs Director Anthony Pedone Part One

I wanted to tell you a little about this interview before I go into the questions. This was an amazing experience to talk with Mr. Pedone about his experience with working on a movie set and well just making movies. The people he has met. And he has met some pretty amazing people. Anthony Pedone […]

DAY THREE OF MY INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM BUTLER: COMMENTS WOULD BE GREAT:QUESTIONS TOO: Day Three of my interview with Fran Lewis on my book The House of Balestrom. Please follow the link and ask me some questions or leave a comment. I am ready to discuss this great book about a family and two sisters. XOXO

A Visit and Giveaway with Susan Balestrom of The House of Balestrom with My Book Addiction and More…

A VISIT AND GIVEAWAY WITH SUSAN BALESTROM,OF THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM… | My Book Addiction and More!: Check out my character interview with My Book Addiction and More!! Susan Balestrom is interviewed by April Renn for The House of Balestrom. My Book Addiction is also hosting a giveaway for me and the book. So please stop […]

Day One and Two of my Interview for The House of Balestrom

DAY ONE AND DAY TWO OF MY INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR WILLIAM BUTLER: LET”S HAVE SOME COMMENTS AND DISCUSSION: Day two of my interview for The House of Balestrom with Fran Lewis. Please check it out and leave questions or comments. Click on the link above to read the interview and leave comments and questions…Thank you.Here is […]

The First Part of My Interview for The House of Balestrom

Reviews, endorsements, online and onair interview, short and lengthy reviews, back cover quotes: DAY ONE OF MY ONLINE INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM BUTLER: FIVE DAY INTERVIEW: JOIN IN THE DISCUSSION: Feel free to participate in my first interview about The House of Balestrom. It is in five parts and I am being being interviewed by Fran Lewis. […]

Fran Lewis’s Picks for The Month…

FRAN LEWIS The author of three children’s books and have written a fourth one. She would like everyone to check out her books Bertha Speaks Out and My Name is Bertha on Barnes and Noble. GoodReads. Bertha FIghts Back is her third book in the Bertha series & on B&N. Her other three books are […]

Guest Post by Lynn Rush, author of Wasteland!! Welcome Her…

Short Bio: Lynn Rush began her writing career in 2008. She has both an undergraduate and graduate degree in the mental health field and has enjoyed applying that unique knowledge to developing unique characters. A former inline speed skater and mountain biker, Lynn has been known to test the limits of her athletic endurance. So, […]

An Excerpt of Driven To Kill by True Crime Novelist Gary C. King

Gary C. King Gary C. King, a freelance author and lecturer, is regarded by readers and critics alike as one of the world’s foremost crime writers, a reputation he has earned over the last 31 years with the publication of more than 400 articles in true crime magazines in the United States, Canada, and England. […]

Bang vs The Ocean

I spent five days at Myrtle Beach and somehow between hanging with friends and activities I found time to reflect. I found a moment to walk down to the beach by myself. Take my shoes off and walk to the ocean. The moon was huge in the sky and there was a slight breeze coming […]

The House of Balestrom and where you can get your print and digital copies

The House of Balestrom 5 stars!! Get your copy today! Amazon Kindle and Paperback Barnes and Noble Paperback and Nook book iBooks