OBLIVION BY WILLIAM BUTLER FREE ON SMASHWORDS.COM GO CHECK IT OUT AND LEAVE ME SOME FEEDBACK.   OBLIVION IS ABOUT: a man who knows he is being stalked and in a twisted way allows it to happen…because he is also stalking his stalker. In a strange way it a fantasy for the man…he wants to be […]

BANG currently available at these locations… This is in many digital formats, such as pdf, plain text, kindle, epub, etc. Tomorrow it will be available on the Kindle if you choose to wait.  The digital versions are $2.99 IN PAPERBACK: You can go here to purchase it now in paperback or wait until January 7th to purchase it on […]

Thank you

I wanted to send out a quick post to everyone who has checked out my work so far and I hope all of you liked what you have read.  I wanted you to know that this is only a taste of what is to come.  My writing schedule is quite full and I have huge […]

I’ll Make You Remember Me By William Butler Obsession can go too far when a man falls in love with a prostitute. Available on  My short story “I’ll Make You Remember Me” is a work of fiction I wrote when I was in college for a creative writing class.  “I’ll Make You Remember Me” is shocking, with graphic sex, violence and […]

The Visit by William Butler (Me :D)

A touching story about a young man waiting for his mother to come visit him. A personal story about forgiveness and love. NOW Available on Get your copy today. This is a short story I wrote that is very dear to my heart.  The night after my mother died I had a dream about […]