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The Balestrom Family Saga


Two sisters…One who marries for love…the other marries into…THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM. When Susan’s husband, Victor Balestrom, dies in a mysterious and tragic accident, Susan is suspected of murdering him. With the Balestrom family, manipulated by Camille Balestrom, pointing fingers. Susan calls on her sister, Sara and her husband David to come to the private island owned by the Balestrom family to be by her side during this tragic moment in her life. But Sara and David’s visit become twisted and manipulated by someone in the family, who not only want Susan to pay for her crimes, but want revenge as well. Will Sara discover who is behind everything before it is too late? Who is the mysterious man roaming the island grounds–the man terrorizing Sara at every turn? Secrets are abound and will be revealed all the way to its tragic end.


“One woman will never be the same, others will face an ending that only author William Butler can create with so many twists, unexpected events keeping you in suspense, even with the dramatic ending to this outstanding novel.” — Fran Lewis (Author, “Bertha Speaks Out”)

“This is a fast paced story that will have you yearning for more. It has twists and turns you NEVER see coming and a surprise ending that will leave you in awe.” –April Renn (My Book Addiction and More)

“No character is left unscathed as the eccentric family members’ secrets are peeled back revealing their dark history and darker plans for each other. Butler delivers again with an unpredictable ride that doesn’t follow typical clichés of the wealthy dysfunctional family. Five stars!” — C.C. Cole (Author, Children of Discord)

“…all I can say is WOW… A world of lies, secrets, not so nice people, murder…” –Senora G (Telly Says…)

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