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Children of Discord: Second Book of The Gastar Series By C.C. Cole A Book Review By William Butler

BIO: I’m C.C.Cole, award-winning medieval dark fantasy author of the Gastar Series. The series of four novellas, when completed, follow teen assassin Shevata as she journeys through the history of her home city of Gastar to seek redemption for her past actions and to re-gain her soul. The first novella, “Act of Redemption” was published […]

Bang Bang

Bang Noir’s Birthday Is Coming Up!!

In Honor of Bang Noir’s first birthday, I will be giving away 3 Bang Noir T-shirts. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell Bang Noir Happy Birthday! Also leave your email address and size…Oy! This is going to be fun.

The Cover and Excerpt for My Third Novel TIME OF THE SEASON

TIME OF THE SEASONA Plot to steal 10 million dollars. A man down on his luck. A woman with a plan. A lethal affair that could only end badly.Ben Lyons is down on his luck, but his luck changes when he meets Lauren Tinsdale, the wife of loan shark and former boxer Freddy “The Beef” […]

Bang vs Director Anthony Pedone Part Two

The second part to my interview with Director Anthony Pedone. I wanted to talk a little bit about this part of the interview with Anthony Pedone. Again I thank him for answering my questions and giving me a peek inside his life. I tell you that he is an amazing man to know and is […]

Anthony Pedone- Camp Casserole Interview Raindance Film Fesitval

Here is the Raindance Film Festival Interview with Anthony Pedone and Jane Weidlin for his documentary Camp Casserole–Oh and is that a Bang Noir T-shirt he is wearing!! : D It fucking is. 

Rules To Follow By

Another teaser for Time of The Season.

Another review of The House of Balestrom!

The Phantasmagoric Writing Life of D.A. Roberts: Book Review: The House of Balestrom by William Butler: Another great review of The House of Balestrom!! Check it out. 

A Review of The House of Balestrom by Telly Says

Telly Says@ Reading,Reading and Life: Review: The House of Balestrom by William Butler: Another 4.5 stars for The House of Balestrom. Click on the link and read the review. where you can get my book: The House of Balestrom AmazonThe House of Balestrom Barnes and Noble and NookSony Ereader

Interview with Jake Bannerman for his novel The Pitchfork Diaries

Please join me once again with Jake Bannerman who has been kind enough to answer some unorthodox interview questions for Bang Noir. After his last post with The Obligatory Fuck You post, you may understand what I mean when I say the questions in this interview are not what I would normally ask just anyone. If you […]