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The House of Balestrom teaser # 3

The mouth of the beast is open…you pass through the gates and make your way up to the main house where the Balestrom family live.  Though the house appears to be modern, you can feel its old energy surround you, like cold hands.  You feel a chill move up and down your spine and then […]


OBLIVION BY WILLIAM BUTLER FREE ON SMASHWORDS.COM GO CHECK IT OUT AND LEAVE ME SOME FEEDBACK.   OBLIVION IS ABOUT: a man who knows he is being stalked and in a twisted way allows it to happen…because he is also stalking his stalker. In a strange way it a fantasy for the man…he wants to be […]

The House of Balestrom mini teaser part 2

Enter the gates of The House of Balestrom (teaser pic #2)

The gate to the entrance of The House of Balestrom stood tall and strong like a fort.  It’s dark iron rods daring anyone to enter, because the possibility of never leaving was there. A dare for sure…a dare that could ultimately change you forever or keep you trapped within its walls.  A large  black old […]

The House of Balestrom mini teaser part 1

The House of Balestrom teaser pic

Not much I know but it’s getting closer to the cover reveal!!! I thought I would drop another sneak peak… I will add that writing this new book has been amazing…the words are flowing out of me like Mozart tapping at the piano. My heart over flows with the new great thrills and suspense I […]

Perfect Match teaser trailer

Perfect Match Pledge LET’S MAKE THIS FILM GREAT!!!

Perfect Match ABOUT THIS PROJECT: The link to view more about this project is above and below this blog….thank you. The Story PerfectMatch is the story of Maggie and Stephen, two love lorn twenty-somethings who find each other on the internet. Does it matter that Stephen works for the online dating service that brought the […]

The House of Balestrom—-segment: The Beginning

This is the first paragraph from my new novel The House of Balestrom.  I hope you enjoy it!!!!“The House of Balestrom stood intimidating above the tree lines.  Its beautiful red roof and Victorian arches reached up to the sky like hands.  The day was clear and bright as the lake that separated land and island […]