the get back

Summer Reading!! How about some Free short stories… for ereaders only!!

Here are a few of my short stories available for free on all ereaders!! Coming soon as a free ebook my other three short stories: AND DON’T FORGET THAT MY NOVEL BANG IS ONLY $0.99!!! DON’T WASTE ANY MORE TIME.  GET ON THOSE EREADERS AND MAKE A PURCHASE!! SUMMER DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BORING.

BANG available in the UK on KIndle Ok UK!!!! I’m on the Kindle in your area…and soon I will be in paperback there too!!  Check me out.  Also check out my other short stories…. I’ll Make You Remember Me The Get Back The Visit All Available on the Kindle in the USA and UK!!!!

The Get Back By William Butler Megan and her father want revenge against the man who killed Megan’s mother. AVAILABLE ON SMASHWORDS.COM I know I keep rolling them out, but I can’t stop myself from writing.  This is a story about revenge.  The choice of what is right and wrong.  Check it out!!!