The Gastar Series

Children of Discord: Second Book of The Gastar Series By C.C. Cole A Book Review By William Butler

BIO: I’m C.C.Cole, award-winning medieval dark fantasy author of the Gastar Series. The series of four novellas, when completed, follow teen assassin Shevata as she journeys through the history of her home city of Gastar to seek redemption for her past actions and to re-gain her soul. The first novella, “Act of Redemption” was published […]

C.C.Cole: On Book Eating by C.C.Cole May 30, 2011

C.C.Cole: On Book Eating by C.C.Cole May 30, 2011: I’ve known two types of readers. Those who read slowly, taking their time in every word, mesmerized by the content and b…

C.C.Cole: Zermon’s Soliloquy by C.C.Cole June 30, 2011

C.C.Cole: Zermon’s Soliloquy by C.C.Cole June 30, 2011: Zermon’s appearance closest to “Darkness” in film “Legend” “ What you have to understand from the beginning is my unique situation …

C.C.Cole: On the Mystery of Editing and the New Author by C….: “As a new author, like many others, I attempted to go the traditional route to publication before my transition into an Indie writer.  …”

Act of Redemption: The First Gastar Book by C. C. Cole A Book Review

Two hundred years has passed since assassin Shevata killed the last of the Abbian priests.  As a result, Zermon, a demonic foe of Shevata has come to Gastar to create a new Hell on Earth.  C. C. Cole has brought to life a journey into Hell and back to save the souls of the remaining […]