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The House of Balestrom Available early on Amazon Kindle!!

The House of Balestrom Kindle version The Story: Mystery and intrigue set to the backdrop of a private island owned by the wealthy Balestrom family. What secrets are hidden within the walls of Balestrom House? A true Gothic Suspense novel with drama, scandal, twists and turns and even murder. There is always a price to […]

Chapter One of My Second Novel THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM

Please enjoy this advance excerpt of my novel The House of Balestrom. Thank you! 1 THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM The House of Balestrom stood intimidating above the tree lines.  Its beautiful red roof and Victorian arches reached up to the sky like hands.  The day was clear and bright as the lake that separated land […]

C.C.Cole: On Book Eating by C.C.Cole May 30, 2011

C.C.Cole: On Book Eating by C.C.Cole May 30, 2011: I’ve known two types of readers. Those who read slowly, taking their time in every word, mesmerized by the content and b…

C.C.Cole: Zermon’s Soliloquy by C.C.Cole June 30, 2011

C.C.Cole: Zermon’s Soliloquy by C.C.Cole June 30, 2011: Zermon’s appearance closest to “Darkness” in film “Legend” “ What you have to understand from the beginning is my unique situation …


CENSORSHIP: Is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.You might be asking yourself why I am writing about censorship…well it isn’t a lashing out against censorship, because that would be […]


I sit here today to write this blog about my new book The House of Balestrom. I want to share with you my inner thoughts about the construction of this novel. What inspired me to write it and what it represents in noir fiction. I had always wanted to write a gothic novel. Gothic you […]

Lynn Rush is coming here to Bang Noir on a Blog Tour get ready!!!