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The House of Balestrom Coming Soon Trailer!!!

The House of Balestrom Book Cover

It is here finally!!! The Cover to my next novel: The House of Balestrom stay tuned for the book trailer!! But while you wait for The House of Balestrom to be released feel free to check out any of my other great ebooks and my first novel BANG at these places William Butler Amazon Barnes and […]

Bang’s Second Book Review!! They are coming in

BANG by William Butler If you haven’t read BANG, you’re missing out!! Go get your copy today. BANG is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle, Barnes and and The Nook, iBooks, Sony Ereader, for all other ereaders. Thank you for reading!! Customer Reviews 2 Reviews 5 star:  (2) 4 star:  (0) […]

BANG’s First Book Review on Amazon!!

BANG By William Butler (5 stars) Leaves you hanging till the very end, March 7, 2011 By  Trey Roberts – See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?) This review is from: Bang (Paperback) Bang by William Butler is fantastic thriller, suspense, noir fiction novel that plays great homage to classic hardboiled crime fiction. The books starts off when the […]

Blood on His Hands by Mark P. Sadler a book review

A crime of passion set to the background of dust and revenge.  Mark Sadler weaves his story of betrayal with a pace of desperate anticipation.  Michael the husband works hard for the money as he takes care of his wife, Bonnie, and two boys, Seth and Caleb.  The money pays well and he does his […]

Untitled Steve Balderson & Frankie Krainz Project — IndieGoGo

I wanted to share this with all of you…This project is worth making it come true! Steve Balderson is an amazing Director and Frankie Krainz is a great writer…please help make this happen!! Untitled Steve Balderson & Frankie Krainz Project — IndieGoGo About the film: Four American hipsters caught in an international crime ring- an […]

The House of Balestrom Trailer teaser # 3