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Smoking Gun

With the release of my third novel TIME OF THE SEASON just over the horizon. I thought I would share with you what I have going on for the new year. With a new year there are new beginnings. New challenges. I want to challenge myself in my writing. I plan on taking my writing […]

Bang vs. Steve Balderson

I would like to introduce again my second interview with Director Steve Balderson.I was looking over his resume as I pieced together this interview and I have to say I feel like I have gone on an extraordinary journey. I feel like I walked through different lives as I watched the trailers for his movies. […]

Bang vs Madonna

 This is such a fucking hot video!! Madonna has so much fucking energy!! You got to L-U-V Madonna… I love this woman so fucking much!!!

The Bang Diaries #1

YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHEREIt was 2:30 am in September 2005 and I had just finished writing a few paragraphs to a story that had been haunting my brain for quite some time. I say that and you might think it sounds crazy. But being a writer these images become stories. It’s a scene playing […]

Bang Noir: Eurythmics – I Need A Man

I just couldn’t help myself with this video. I love Annie Lennox. She’s such an innovator in music and life. Get it Gurl!! she looks like a drag queen. I love her! My love and heart goes out to this amazing star!! XOXO Bitch.