A Review of My Novel The House of Balestrom

ALL BOOKS REVIEWS A BOOK REVIEW BY: PETER KLEIN Genre: Murder mystery  Title: THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM  Author: William Butler  Warning! Reading this novel may cause anyone belonging to the 99% to have a very low opinion  of the super rich 1%. This murder mystery has all the elements of a gothic who done it: a mansion […]

My Short Story The Pick-Up is #1 on Amazon Kindles Free Ebooks!!!!

*****UPDATE***** Just one more thing to add: My short story The Pick-up is #1 in free Lesbian and Gay fiction on Amazon Kindle’s top 100 free ebooks. Oy! I’m loving this. Its a quick wild ride of a short story about revenge. I think of Grindhouse whenever I read it, but for gays and lesbians…well […]