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I Want My…I Want My MDNA–Bang Vs Madonna

During my career as a novelist I have known wonders! I became an International Bestseller within a few weeks of my first novel hitting the internet. While my career as a novelist flourished I had the opportunity to meet many…many different famous superstars. One in particular is the one and only Madonna! Yes, Ms. MDNA herself! Come join me as I sit down with Madonna and do her very first Blog interview. And I share intimate photos of us hanging out by the water cooler we call FAME.

W: Let me tell you that I wanted to thank you so much, Madonna, for meeting me today to allow me to interview you for Bang Noir.

M: You’re very welcome…it’s a pleasure.
W: I’m just so excited to see you again. I think everyone here is just as excited as I am…maybe more.
M: I hope so…Hello everyone (waves and laughs)
W: So let’s get started shall we. Please tell everyone about the first time you met me?
M: (pauses) You mean when you first met me…right?
W: No, when you first met me. I know when I first met you.
M: And when was that?
W: It was on George Clooney’s Yatch.
M: That’s right. You were drunk and hitting on George. (laughs) You know he wasn’t that into you right?
W: I think he was.
M: (shakes her head and looks embarrassed) I don’t think so. I actually remember him trying to have you removed from the Yatch.
W: Ok, so moving on. (I clear my throat) So through out your whole career you seemed to have been influenced by one thing…
M: And what is that?
W: Me.
M: (she laughs) That’s just not true. I mean I am influenced by all kinds of things. But not by you. I actually think that I influenced you.

W: I can’t believe you just said that.
M: (cocks eyebrow) Well it’s true. You have to face the truth sometimes…(smiles) in your career (adjusts herself in the chair)
W: I do think you were influenced by me. I mean look at some of your work. Bad Girl was about me.
M: That’s not true.
W: It is. It was about me and my party life in the nineties. You were there watching me act out because of my daddy issues. I like how you changed it to Bad Girl instead of Bad Boy.
M: (shakes her head) It really wasn’t about you…I promise.
W: So let’s talk about other references you have of me in your music…
M: Wait… is this what the interview is all about?
W: What do you mean?
M: I mean are we just going to talk about you and how you have taken my ideas and twisted them into referencing you. None of it is true.
W: (I laugh)
M: You know during my interview in the UK I mention that there are people out there who use my name to make them famous and you know who I was talking about?
W: GaGa?
M: Well…(shakes head yes)but mostly you. If anyone is referencing anyone else it would be you about me.
W: But Madonna, I wouldn’t do that. I love you.
M: Well…it doesn’t show. I didn’t come here today to talk about you. I never used you in any of my work.

W: That’s just not true.
M: When did I do that?
W: You reference both my book Bang and its sequel Smoking Gun on your new album MDNA.
M: (silent)
W: Yes. Gang Bang is all about my Novel Bang and in Girl Gone Wild you reference its sequel Smoking Gun. So you see…I’m not just making this up.
M: (laughs) You got me. I guess I can’t argue with that. (smiles)
W: I’m sorry. I do love you and I hope you are not mad at me.
M: Of course not. I love you as well.
W: Well I guess that’s all I have for you today. I’m sure we can do this again soon.
M: Not a chance in hell…(gets up and walks off)
W: Call me babe. Huggies and kisses.

Well that was all I had right now of the interview with Madonna. It was an amazing time. I mean after all I hadn’t seen her in years. I am sure I will get another sit down with The Queen of Pop soon. Of course you guys will be the first to know.

***If you haven’t guess this whole interview has been a fabrication of my imagination. I have never met Madonna in my life time–though I will be going to her concert. 😀 I will add that if this was a true interview then I would have passed out somewhere between meeting her and talking. As for the photos…The one of me with my arm around Madonna I took Guy Richies’s head off and placed mine. The other photo are of me and a look-alike posing for the camera.
Sorry this pisses you off it is supposed to be fun. XO I truly love you Madonna!!

Go and get your copy of Madonna’s new album MDNA
And while your on Amazon feel free to get any of my novels: BANGThe House of BalestromTime of The Season

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