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OBLIVION BY WILLIAM BUTLER FREE ON SMASHWORDS.COM GO CHECK IT OUT AND LEAVE ME SOME FEEDBACK.   OBLIVION IS ABOUT: a man who knows he is being stalked and in a twisted way allows it to happen…because he is also stalking his stalker. In a strange way it a fantasy for the man…he wants to be […]

My first Diesel book review for BANG

http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/item/SW00000035338/Butler-William/Bang/1.html Title: BangAverage Customer Review:  Number of Comments: 2 Rating(s)   1 Review(s) Compelling drama thriller!! January 8, 2011Reviewer: A reader from NC USA Bang like the title says, starts off that way–with a bang. Its a thrill ride of twists and turns that have you guessing who shot Tim Jones! Was it his wife and her lover […]