The Visit

It’s that time again to share a short story I wrote a few years back. It’s been tweaked a little since I last put it out in the universe. I was going through a hard time when I wrote this. My mother had passed away. She had Cancer. I knew the only way I could […]

The Calm

I want to share with you a short story I wrote called The Calm. It’s a disturbing and candid story about abuse, ignorance, acceptance, and much much more. When writing this I was experimenting with tension between characters and nature. Melodrama fuels the story until the end, but I think that’s what creates the intense […]


Oblivion is a short Flash Fiction story I wrote 2 years ago. I want to share it with you now. It tells a short twisted story about a dark desire for death. For years I have, as a writer, worked on my craft. A writer–writes. And continues to experiment with new and interesting ways to […]

The House of Balestrom Book Cover

It is here finally!!! The Cover to my next novel: The House of Balestrom stay tuned for the book trailer!! But while you wait for The House of Balestrom to be released feel free to check out any of my other great ebooks and my first novel BANG at these places William Butler Amazon Barnes and […]

The House of Balestrom teaser # 3

The mouth of the beast is open…you pass through the gates and make your way up to the main house where the Balestrom family live.  Though the house appears to be modern, you can feel its old energy surround you, like cold hands.  You feel a chill move up and down your spine and then […]


OBLIVION BY WILLIAM BUTLER FREE ON SMASHWORDS.COM GO CHECK IT OUT AND LEAVE ME SOME FEEDBACK.   OBLIVION IS ABOUT: a man who knows he is being stalked and in a twisted way allows it to happen…because he is also stalking his stalker. In a strange way it a fantasy for the man…he wants to be […]

BANG Available Now video

BANG currently available at these locations… This is in many digital formats, such as pdf, plain text, kindle, epub, etc. Tomorrow it will be available on the Kindle if you choose to wait.  The digital versions are $2.99 IN PAPERBACK: You can go here to purchase it now in paperback or wait until January 7th to purchase it on […]