New Journeys

About 4 years ago I started down a journey. I self-published my first book. I was extremely excited that I did this. I actually can’t describe the exact emotion, but there were many. I’m five books into my journey- all self-published and doing well. Not amazing, but well. What followed were two more books, The […]

Empty By William Butler

Another one: Empty By William Butler I can’t seem to sleep at night when you lay empty on your bedside. My hand can only trace your figure through my memory/and my emotions bend to the lingering echo of your voice. I try to fight you/but all along I desire to invite you back into my […]

A Poem I Wrote

I wrote this when I lived in NY. Going through the past brings up painful memories. Will You Look at Me Hey, will you look at me I called to you and you looked away That was a mistake What are you–ashamed? Am I moving up/out/around in circles? I need to know. Don’t stare too […]

NFL- Drop lawsuit against Social Rapper M.I.A.

change.org The NFL is suing social rapper M.I.A. for 1.5 million dollars for sticking the middle finger up during the 2012 Super Bowl Half-Time performance where it was flashed on screen for no longer than 2-seconds. M.I.A. didn’t get even 2 minutes of screen time because the show was being performed by pop superstar, Madonna. […]

Google Prepares For A Future Where We See Ourselves In Every Computing Interaction

Very interesting.

THE FAR FLUNG STAR – official movie trailer www.DIKENGA.com

Anthony Pedone Interview – MUDKISS FANZINE

anthonypedoneinterview – MUDKISS FANZINE: A great interview for Director Anthony Pedone!! Check it out…

Bang Bang

Rules To Follow By

Another teaser for Time of The Season.

DAY THREE OF MY INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM BUTLER: COMMENTS WOULD BE GREAT:QUESTIONS TOO: Day Three of my interview with Fran Lewis on my book The House of Balestrom. Please follow the link and ask me some questions or leave a comment. I am ready to discuss this great book about a family and two sisters. XOXO