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Empty By William Butler

Another one: Empty By William Butler I can’t seem to sleep at night when you lay empty on your bedside. My hand can only trace your figure through my memory/and my emotions bend to the lingering echo of your voice. I try to fight you/but all along I desire to invite you back into my […]

Jazz Music By William Butler

Another poem I wrote in 2000. Jazz Music By William Butler I watch you from a distance. Triggered by my heartache song And you have to remember me. And you have to remember when… When being the key word in this game. Trace back/back/deeper into a memory long past. Where cave men wrote jazz songs […]

A Poem I Wrote

I wrote this when I lived in NY. Going through the past brings up painful memories. Will You Look at Me Hey, will you look at me I called to you and you looked away That was a mistake What are you–ashamed? Am I moving up/out/around in circles? I need to know. Don’t stare too […]