Crazy Synopsis of My First Novel BANG. (****Spoilers*** proceed with caution)

***Okay this post contains spoilers to my first novel BANG!!! If you do not want it spoiled for you please do not continue. If you do not care then go for it.  History behind this: I was originally going to send this out to agents and publishers and I know I sent it to one, but they […]

The House of Balestrom Available early on Amazon Kindle!!

The House of Balestrom Kindle version The Story: Mystery and intrigue set to the backdrop of a private island owned by the wealthy Balestrom family. What secrets are hidden within the walls of Balestrom House? A true Gothic Suspense novel with drama, scandal, twists and turns and even murder. There is always a price to […]

The Killer Inside Me–Review

The Killer Inside Me was a very good movie (I have to say).  It is based on Jim Thompson’s book of the same name, which was written in 1953.  The movie stars Casey Affleck as the gentleman, yet brutal, Lou Ford.  Lou Ford has a dark past which is awaken when he meets prostitute Joyce […]