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NFL- Drop lawsuit against Social Rapper M.I.A.


The NFL is suing social rapper M.I.A. for 1.5 million dollars for sticking the middle finger up during the 2012 Super Bowl Half-Time performance where it was flashed on screen for no longer than 2-seconds. M.I.A. didn’t get even 2 minutes of screen time because the show was being performed by pop superstar, Madonna. According to a ESPN article, 222 viewers complained of the 111.3 million people who watched the 2012 Super Bowl. This is compared to the 500,000 thousand people who complain about Janet Jackson’s “nip slip” in 2004. Not only are the NFL asking her to pay 1.5 million dollars they are now demanding she pay 15.1 million dollars. This is unfair treatment to an artist. During the time the half time show started, Madonna, M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj brought 3 million more in viewership, making it the most watch television event in history until 2014’s half time show brough in 115 million people. The use of the middle finger can’t be compared to some of the sexual commercials we see on television today or the violence seen in most mainstream television shows. There are commercials airing on television for liquid drainer that has a pair of men telling a female that they are their to “drain her pipes.” If we are going to attack one person over an act that doesn’t do as much damage to a child’s psyche as “Rich Kids of LA” or Janet Jackson’s nipple then where do our morals exist?

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