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Stardom: A Review of Steve Balderson’s The Far Flung Star by William Butler

A dimming star. A secret message written on a post card. The adventure that’s just around the corner.

Diana Dunbar (Christa Engelbrecht) is falling out of the light of stardom. The recognition she desperately wants can only lie within reach–so she hopes. When her brother Ian shows up with some questionable characters on his tail, the adventure begins. Diana now has to help her brother figure out what the riddled message is that his dead boyfriend sent her, before they are captured and killed by their pursuers. 
The Far Flung Star is a comedy adventure that takes you from LA to Hong Kong. With amazing scenes and an equally amazing musical number, which reminds me of Marlene Dietrich. I couldn’t stop laughing at the situations and banter between the characters. 
Steve Balderson has done it once more. He brings to life an adventure spy-comedy filled with amazing scenes and equally amazing actors. Garrett Swan plays Van–one of the many pursuing Christa Engelbrecht’s character. He is dead-on with his comedic timing. 
The Far Flung Star will give you laughs. It will give you adventure. It will give you romance. And in the end, which I won’t tell you, you have to ask will any of the characters get what they are seeking?
The Far Flung Star premieres September 30, 2013 at Raindance.
Get Tickets here:

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