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Homosexuality in Africa

Let’s help make this happen!! Any amount will help. There are voices and problems in the world that need to be brought to light. It is insane that people have to live in fear of being themselves. Help make this project happen.


My name is Thabang Mnculwane the director of TC productions cc South Africa, Together with my patner Charles we are bringing you a documentary called Homosexuality in Africa. This will be our second film as writer/director. Our first feature, free yourself (2009), played in some great film festivals around the country.

Homosexuality in Africa, will take the nations by storm as it will be shot in six different countries in two months, We will start from south Africa going through to Kenya,Zimbabwe , Nigeria , Egypt and Chad.

We will travel across Africa bringing you stories of young old, open and closeted gay, lesbian and bi-sexuals individuals and couples,

We will interview the people, the community members and the leaders , ie the religious and political leaders of the above mentioned countries.

This will bring out the raw truth of how people feel about homosexuality and what can be done to prevent the killings, the brutality etc. etc. . . .

The production of Homosexuality in Africa is going to be the biggest in the history of African Television – a documentary you will be proud to be a part of. We will be using the state of the art equipment that we own, that includes our cameras lights and the software needed to complete the documentary.

Please help TC productions cc make this documentary a reality! We are both so grateful to have your support in everything and we have a strong feeling that Homosexuality in Africa will be a documentary that will touch and change people’s lives around the world forever.

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