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Sample of a scene from my new book SIRENS–coming soon!!


Here is a short scene from the book I am currently writing called Sirens. Let me set it up for you. Bette Larson is attending the wake of her friend Sylvia Dodson, who was found murdered by her younger sister Tina. Robert in the scene is Allison’s brother, who knew Sylvia intimately. I will add Tina is an odd girl. Here you go. Let me know what you think:

“Is everything okay?” Robert moved up next to her. He nudged her arm. She smiled at him looking away from Miss. Dodson.
“Everything is fine.”
“I couldn’t tell. You were watching her so intensely; I thought I needed to call for backup.” Bette laughed. She covered her mouth and looked around, embarrassed.
“I didn’t mean to stare so intensely,” she smiled. “I just can’t help myself.”
“It’s okay. I understand. You were always one who lived in your head.” She looked him over. She didn’t know how to take the comment. At first, she wanted to be mean, but she cautioned herself and let it go. He smiled, as he caught her expression. “I didn’t mean it wrong. You’re a thinker. You wrote that book, right?”
“Well, that’s what I mean. Writers live in their heads a lot more than someone like me.” He smiled and lightly touched her arm, to reassure her that he wasn’t being offensive. She accepted it and turned her attention back to the crowd. She spotted Tina sitting alone, looking sad. “You know there isn’t much you can do for her.”
“I know, but I want to find something. She needs someone. I feel as though she’s lost.”
“We were all that way at one time. She will be okay.”
“You think so?”
He looked deep into her eyes. His stare intensified as she searched his eyes for his thoughts.
“I’m sure of it. Though,” he said turning his intense stare to Tina. “I can’t help feel like she is hiding something from everyone.” Bette looked from him back to Tina. He rubbed her arm and then walked off. Tina looked up from the floor catching Bette’s eyes.

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