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This Is Spence
Everyone who is striving to be something will encounter what some might consider “unfair” circumstances. Have you ever met someone that was handed them something on a silver platter, without having to work for it? If you haven’t yet you will at some point. You’re working hard, being persistent and keeping your integrity so you can get to where you want to be. Then someone comes right in and gets it handed to them simply because of “Favoritism” or “Knowing the Right People”. What happens after this? You feel lost, confused, and ask yourself “Why am I putting my heart and soul into this when someone else can simply take it with minimal sacrifice?” 

No Excuses…
This isn’t sour grapes nor do we feel entitled to anything. We just want to note that throughout the years, this has been our lives. We aren’t the ones who “Know People in High Places”. We aren’t the “Chosen Ones” in the eyes of people with “Power”. Everything we’ve accomplished has only been through the love and care shown by our supporters, and our love of the music, and our fans and friends. At the end of the day we don’t want any excuses, because placing the blame on a circumstance would be the easy way out. We want to prove it’s not about “Who You Know”… it’s about making the best of the hand you were dealt and proving all the detractors wrong. We’re in this for the long haul and more than ever, we need those who have gotten us this far by our side. We will be persistent on this journey and in time we will reach where we want to be.

Lets Get Spence in The Studio…Spence has independently completed 4 tours with each one being more successful because of the tremendous support shown so far. Now Spence needs to get back in the studio, and properly release a new album followed up by more tour dates than ever before! We aren’t looking for a hand out. We want to reward our friends, family, and supporters with some unique gifts.

How Will These Funds Be Used?
All funds will go towards creating, distributing, marketing and properly releasing the album. The goal that is set only covers a small portion of the total expense. We would love to do as many songs as possible so if we go BEYOND the goal that just means MORE SONGS!

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