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Investigation You

I would like to tell you a story. It’s a story about a Hero and that Hero’s life. Like most stories, there is a journey. A journey into the unknown. A decision is given to the Hero. One that controls the outcome of something precious and profound. And if this Hero accepts this journey and makes the correct decisions then there will be an award…


…there is no correct decisions to make. And our Hero has a new challenge to face…himself/herself.

Like everything in life I have learned one thing. I have learned that I can make pretty crappy decisions. Not only for myself but for others as well. I sometimes feel as though I can offer up some good advice and my advice, though at times, can be blunt and hurt–it is none-the-less, true to its nature.

I have always wanted to publish. Write books and share with the world my inner workings. I wanted to transport the reader out of this world and into my world. Even though it could corrupt or confuse or anger you. The idea is to do that. It is to hurt you. Books help you experience life in a different way. You can be a Prince or Princess…a homeless man looking for love but your drinking problem destroys everything around you. Reading can heal you or teach you to accept the truth! If you seek answers then open a book. I love fiction. I love being elsewhere in the world. My world.

I tell this story about a Hero on a journey. The journey is faced with challenging decisions. As we all know or are learning that our decisions can be bad and good. A decision can change everything around you and make things better for some and bad for others. But in the long run, as long as the decision is honest and is met without reward…you can change millions. Nowadays, people feel that no one should be without reward. That everyone deserves something for what they have done. In that thinking we teach ourselves not to earn what we work for. That it is given willingly. That 1st place is just a number. But it is a set up. Because there will be a time when you will not win something for your efforts. That you will be ignored. This will crush you. Because you were not prepared for failure.

But as humans we have to fail. We have to fall and hit the bottom. It makes us tougher and stronger and more determined. I do not fail…I win. I do not fall without getting back up and I keep going.

The point to this post is simple in most everything. I look back at my path. I look back and I see decisions. I look back and I see what I learned. I learned to be me. I learned that I do not agree with everything. I learned that I will still wake up tomorrow morning and hate this post. Or wish I wrote something else. I will wonder who I reached and who I am sending a message to.

The title of this post is called Investigation You. Simple enough. Here is the path to this post…twisted but true. I was watching one of my favorite shows on Investigative Discovery–Stalked. The show was compelling and frightening. The darkness that some people tap into and the destruction that they cause around them out of insecurity or mental illness. It is a sad process for these individuals. There is no closure really. It had me thinking about the process I take when I write.

It is a dark path into my mind. I release some evil demons to get to that point. All writers do…if they say they don’t then they are not telling you the truth. You cannot create the worlds we create without tapping into something dark. We have to be other people. Live a whole new life. Do things we would never think about doing. Decisions…decisions…decisions…

To do this, as a writer, we have to investigate why we do what we do. We have to look into ourselves and even into others. We have to watch and learn. I tell myself when I am writing a character who has to make a decision…I would do this and then make the character do the complete opposite. This is not all the time…but a majority of the time. 🙂

But in our lives investigation into life is our job. We translate what we learn into our books. We pass that translation out to the world. And you interpret our scribbling into how you see it.

I guess this is what I have to offer today. I will leave you with this. The Hero in my story…is you.

Keep reading.


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