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Writer Typecasting

Do we as writers end up typecasting ourselves?

Most of us authors write series novels or novellas.  We write anything from Fantasy to Romance. Our books are bought by a colorful group of people–and we love them for it. But do we ultimately write ourselves into our own cages? I like to think this isn’t true. I like to feel that I and my comrades all write different types of books along with our popular series titles.

I know this sounds like a crazy thought. What brought this up was J. K. Rowling. She finished the Harry Potter series and now is taking a stab at adult fiction–a big change from Harry Potter, but maybe one she had been wanting to move toward…she just had to finish Harry’s story. So I’ve seen it before. I’ve seen it to where the fans of one series–once it ends–are the worse critics when the author starts writing a new series–especially when the series or book has nothing to do with the fantasy world the author originally created.

Would she have benefited from writing different books between Harry potter novels? I’m not saying J.K. can’t create a fantastic new world with her book. I just feel that she will be met with some crazy criticism over it. But on a wider plain…because this article is not about J.K. Rowling, but about–YOU! The writer or the reader. What do you like about authors who write other books aside from their usual series? Should they explore other worlds or stick to just one?

These are a lot of questions. They vary in answers. I, myself, love writing different books. I actually like writing different books between the series I write. I feel that it helps the writing process. It allows you time to think about the next book and start fresh. It prevents you from making the second and third book sound like one another. And lets face it an editor will tell you this flat. “It sounds too much like the first book.”

Scary words. And you worked so hard to create that second book. Oy! Now you have to go back and start over. Such is life…right?

I think ultimately you have to do what works for you as the writer. If you write a series and you write that series one book after the next…because it keeps you focused in that world–then that is great! Or if you are like me who love to explore other works too…because I need a break from that world. Not because I hate it–no I wouldn’t say that. I love my books and the world I create–I just need sometime to process what I wrote and shed the craziness that went on in that book. I write a different book and then come back to it, which makes things exciting. It’s like a literary tease for me.

So tell me what you do as an author! Tell me as a reader what you like to see.

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