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Bang vs Director Anthony Pedone Part Two

The second part to my interview with Director Anthony Pedone. I wanted to talk a little bit about this part of the interview with Anthony Pedone. Again I thank him for answering my questions and giving me a peek inside his life. I tell you that he is an amazing man to know and is an inspiration. Though he may think I am just piling it on, but I truly and honestly feel that he is inspirational. Listening to him speak and tell me about his life and challenges…well it takes guts and acceptance. We learn about a person’s background and some people tend to run from what they fear. But to me, I think it takes a brave person to own up to the things they have done in their lives.
Wow, I just read this back to myself and it sounds like I’m about to spill some major shit. Well I’m not, but I feel that it may seem questionable in the nature on ones past compared to their present. That’s where the human instinct of “judgement” comes into play. “Judgement” is illegal here on Bang Noir. I leave that part up to higher powers…which ever those powers be. After reading this second part of the interview, I hope that you too feel inspired and realize what you have always wanted to do was only at your finger tips. It is up to you to reach out with your hands and grasp it. We can only leave the bread crumbs for you to follow.

Bang vs Director Anthony Pedone Part One 

Anthony Pedone-Camp Casserole Interview Raindance Film Festival


Anthony Pedone was born in Dallas, TX, but spent the formational years of his life on a ranch in Clayton, New Mexico. At 16 he moved back to Texas, studying Music at Southwest Texas University.
In 2005, Pedone received his Certificate in Writing Social Commentary from Penn State University and began experimenting with digital media and filmmaking. In 2008 he Co-founded, Robotic Indifference, and directed his first feature film, The Why. The Why, screened in 6 countries and received Best Avant Garde and Experimental Feature awards at The Great Lake Film Festival, Heart of England Film Festival and Manhattan Film Festival in 2010.
Since Robotic Indifference’s conception Anthony has collaborated with an innovative and diverse group of artists– fulfilling his need to always be creating. Anthony co-produced Steve Balderson’s , The Casserole Club, and will join Balderson again to shoot, Culture Shock in the fall of 2011. While on the set of the The Casserole Club, Pedone shot a behind the scenes look at Balderson’s streamlined approach to Indie Film making. The documentary is called, Camp Casserole.
Pedone co-produced and appeared in, Little Gods. A conceptual film by director Elizabeth Spear, Little Gods is the first feature film shot and edited on the iPhone4. Spear’s has asked Pedone to produce her next feature film, Roundball in Victoria, TX. Shooting begins in July 2011.
Robotic Indifference plans on releasing The Pyrex Glitch for Christmas 2011. TPG is a science fiction comedy, written and directed by Jane Wiedlin.

The Interview (Part Two):

WB: Tell Bang Noir about the movie “Roundball”? Who were some of the actors in the movie? 
AP: Roundball, was a different kind of movie project for me. I was approached by Elizabeth Spear, the Director of the movie, to produce Roundball. I wasn’t sure if the movie was for me, so I read the script. And man I have to say it was a very funny script. She [Elizabeth Spear] has a great sense of comedic timing and is able to bring out that humor in the people she directs. She is really a lot of fun. As for some of the actors in the movie…there is Starina Johnson, Shawn Kahone, Todd Sklar, Jane Wiedlin, John Merriman, Todd Spence, and Paul Goetz.
WB: That sounds awesome. So Elizabeth Spear approached you to work on Roundball. Did you work on anything else with her?
AP: I worked on a movie with her called “Little Gods”. My contribution to “Little Gods” was considerably small. I had a small role and helped arrange some sfx makeup, but I really fell in love with the concept of shooting with the iphone and with her passion about it. She and I met in France in 2009, and found out we actually live in close proximity in Texas. So we began hanging out then.

WB: Awesome. Well I’m glad you two met. You would have never collaborated on Roundball. 
AP: I agree. She is also my partner in the creation of the film festivals we put together in Texas. 
WB: What is the synopsis of Roundball? 
AP: Roundball is a comedy about a man named Sam Jones who returns to his hometown to train for the NBA with his old 1A high school basketball coach, but things turn out to be a little more than what he expected. The road to the NBA is a tough one. 
WB:  What was the atmosphere like on the movie set?
AP: The thing about Roundball, was that we actually reached out to the community. Most of the time you would never get involved with the community to make a movie, but that is what we did. We recruited from the community also when making the film. When casting for the film we used the internet.
WB: The Internet?
AP: Yep. We used the internet via Skype to do most of our casting and used local kids from the area. 
WB: Tell Bang Noir a little about yourself?
AP: HaHa. I was a young pig farmer in NM. That’s what my parents did, then. My parents split and I was passed between them. I got in trouble a few times when I would visit my mother in NM, but that is something I grew out of. Well eventually as I got older I went to College and started to learn about music. Since I was introduced to music in high school. I also discovered KISS in high school as well. Yea, those were the days. I saw myself as a rock star. I even started a band with some friends. We opened shows for Overkill. That ended and well in College I was a part of a few other groups, Cornpone was one of them. Then I went to prison and spent five years there. It has been a long trip to this point in my life.
WB: A trip you were meant to take. You wouldn’t be who you are today if you never went that route. Who knows what you would be doing. I guess I believe in destiny. 
AP: Well, I had to find myself all over again. I knew I wanted to get back to what I loved. I wanted to make music, which turned into movies. It was a process to rebuild my life.
This concludes the second part of my interview with Director Anthony Pedone. The Third and Final part of the interview will be available soon. Please leave any questions or comments on this interview and I will make sure Anthony gets them…It would be great to have him answer them here on Bang Noir. Thank you. XOXO

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