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Fran Lewis’s Picks for The Month…

The author of three children’s books and have written a fourth one. She would like everyone to check out her books Bertha Speaks Out and My Name is Bertha on Barnes and Noble. GoodReads. Bertha FIghts Back is her third book in the Bertha series & on B&N. Her other three books are Bertha Fights Back, Memories are Precious and Sharp as A Tack or Scrambled Eggs which describes Your Brain. She is an educator, book reviewer, talk show host on blog talk radio, online interviewer and author. Her next book is a three in one handbook on Caregiving/Volunteering, Traumatic Brain Injury and Eldercare abuse.
Every month Fran has a pick of different books to read. I personally think she has great taste. She also talks about these books along with the authors on her weekly radio show. If you haven’t checked out Fran’s show then you are missing out! Here is a link to her show to where you may take a listen anytime. Thank you and check out Fran’s picks!!

Fran’s picks for this month:

Granite Key: Nancy Warkarski
Being Someone Else John Lindermuth
Fate of Pryde: Mary Martin
House of Balestrom : William Butler
Dead Comic Standing: Karen Vaughan

Non Fiction

Pieces Missing: Larry Kerpelman
New from Winter Goose Publishing: Outstanding thought provoking book: If you read my review you will understand why the 29 gets my pick for this month. It is outstanding.
The 29

YA: Book
Lie: Caroline Bock

“The 29 is written by author J.M. Richardson: It is really great. The House of Balestrom is really quite unique and it is one house you do not want to enter and if you do: AT YOUR OWN RISK: READ IT; it is great. All of my picks are truly outstanding novels.” -Fran Lewis

You can also connect with Fran Lewis:

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