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Second 5 Star Review of The House of Balestrom by Fran Lewis

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Taking a ferry rise would change Sara and David’s lives forever. Sara’s sister, Susan summons her to come to Balestrom when her husband, Victor dies under strange or unusual circumstances. On the ferry ride there the driver enlightens both Sara and David about the history of this house, its previous occupants and the untimely murder of Cyrus Balestrom by his mistress. Added to that Sara learns that her sister had more than one previous marriage and all of her husbands are deceased. This is quite intriguing to say the least and creates a mystic about this book that most do not have. Seeing Susan after a long period of time and the way she lives makes Sara feel insecure but she promised to support and stay with her since the authorities think she killed her rich and quite well off husband. Author Walter Butler describes the scenery, the house, the back stories in detail allowing the reader to take the ferry ride along with Sara and David, feel eeriness of the house and understand why Sara and David just might not be the same after visiting this home…. (read more follow the link)

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