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Professor Lafferty Presents…


Mark Booker (The Casserole Club, Imitation Life), a film actor/writer/producer/composer, announces the launch of his label Professor Lafferty, an all digital indie label he runs from The Lab or, more delicately, his swanky Omaha, NE home. The future of the label is wide open as Mark explores the depths of his musical prowess, but for now, the first release Maybe This Wasn’t Such A Good Idea is now available at www.professorlafferty.com.
            Maybe This Wasn’t Such A Good Idea dives into an electronic soundscape of pop, dance, and hip hop very much in the vain of MGMT, Moby and Kid Cudi . The EP features these five 
debut songs:

1. As You Dance Around The Room (3:55)

2. It’s Raining Again (4:30)
 3. Laughing Stock (3:26)
 4. Brain Activity (3:33)
 5. A Marginal Victory (4:4

 Tracks 1 and 5 are must listens but this is a debut EP to be enjoyed in its entirety at least once. I mean, come on, he worked really hard on it.

This is the best of Professor Lafferty. Now, that may be funny to you, but to us, it means a lot. So enjoy the first five tracks from the various styles of music to be heard on this label in the future. Each track will be released as singles with additional music later in 2011 for a total release of 20 of Professor Lafferty’s finest.

Professor Lafferty believes this music belongs to you. It’s yours. Or anyway, it’s everybody’s. Additionally, this music is made by people in a basement in a house with people living in it. Not a robot or Will.I.Am. Thank you.

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