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Act of Redemption: The First Gastar Book by C. C. Cole A Book Review

Two hundred years has passed since assassin Shevata killed the last of the Abbian priests.  As a result, Zermon, a demonic foe of Shevata has come to Gastar to create a new Hell on Earth.  C. C. Cole has brought to life a journey into Hell and back to save the souls of the remaining humans in Gastar, a city that stood strong and tall for centuries. But one fatal mistake changed everything. A mistake that Shevata had to pay for with her own soul.  Now three pure souls are resurrected by the Dragon Harragthus to help Gastar fight its demon foes and Zermon’s half-human, half-demon son, Behemeth, in an effort to rescue the annihilation of the human race. 
The story of Shevata is an amazing tale.  You learn that she was created during the “Great War” as an assassin.  Her only goal was to go into Hell and free the good souls that were captured by demons.  You learn of the curse laid upon her by Abbias and the lesson she learned that one thing can’t exist without the other.  C. C. Cole weaves her story so well giving you great visuals about what Hell was like and the struggles of each character.  The mystery that surrounds them as they carry out their mission set before them by Harragthus.  The story moves quickly and by the end you are happy that there is more to come.
Act of Redemption was an amazing ride.  I enjoyed every moment while reading this book.  The banter between Zermon and Shevata was entertaining.  The two characters were respectful of each other for who they were and what they stood for.  I liked their relationship and over all Shevata’s true foe was the boy Goldeon, a soul she saved many years ago in Hell.
Act of Redemption is a fast paced dark fantasy novella.  The story alone captured my attention and I found myself unable to put it down. I recommend this novella for anyone who enjoys a good adventure through Hell and back.  


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