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Enter the gates of The House of Balestrom (teaser pic #2)

The gate to the entrance of The House of Balestrom stood tall and strong like a fort.  It’s dark iron rods daring anyone to enter, because the possibility of never leaving was there. A dare for sure…a dare that could ultimately change you forever or keep you trapped within its walls.  A large  black old style “B” pressed itself against the iron gate as if it was hugged by it–protected. But protection was sometimes a sign for fear or even something worse…

Do you have what it takes to enter the gate?  Place your hands on its cold black iron and push it open.  The sound of it creaking to life as it moves away from you, giving you the choice to keep going or turn back.  The path lays before you–paved out in blood…your blood or the blood of someone else.  Who knows other than the family that live here. They aren’t telling any of their secrets…but their secrets become your secrets–the main difference is that they know how to use them against you.

Is your heart racing a little? I hope so.  Because beyond this point there is no return to who you once were.  You will have to learn how to survive or you will surely die! Pick your path wisely and choose your allies because you’re going to need them.  Just one warning for you before you continue down this path…the path that brings you to the main house of the Balestrom Estate. When they hold out their arms to you to hug you and kiss your cheeks they will say:

“Welcome to the family…”

Just know, my dear, they are lying…

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