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Perfect Match Pledge LET’S MAKE THIS FILM GREAT!!!

ABOUT THIS PROJECT: The link to view more about this project is above and below this blog….thank you.

The Story

PerfectMatch is the story of Maggie and Stephen, two love lorn twenty-somethings who find each other on the internet. Does it matter that Stephen works for the online dating service that brought the two of them together? As you can guess, the relationship gets complicated, but like good leading characters, they try to figure it out. 

Why a Kickstarter fund drive?

We had a great shoot and finished principal photography in the summer of 2010. We filmed in the beautiful town of Marietta, Ohio and came away with great performances captured in a beautiful, quirky style. We immediately set to editing the film and loved the way it was coming together – exactly as we had imagined. But we realized there were a few pieces missing – pieces that if we could capture them, would make the film better than we had imagined. We have the opportunity to make a good film great.

Now we need to raise the funds to finish that film. To do so we need to shoot exactly 11 short, but very important scenes (that’s about 7% of the entire film and four days of work), we need to complete the edit, mix the audio (voice and music) and submit the film to festivals and prepare it for distribution. When we’re done we’ll have a great romantic comedy that we can’t wait to share with you so you can find out if Maggie and Stephen are meant to be.

Just the facts, ma’am.

We plan to shoot the needed scenes in Houston, TX in March. Why Houston? Simply, we need to shoot somewhere warm and that matches our original visual palette from Marietta, Ohio. The outskirts of Houston fit the bill perfectly. The director, Chad Eddy and the film’s four principal actors will all be heading down to Houston at the beginning of March, along with most of our original crew, including the film’s Director of Photography, Daniel Stephens. Our goal is to have this film ready for festivals by early May. Our investors have already done so much for us and we feel that reaching out to you, our future audience and fans, is the best way to finish this beautiful film.

These funds will not only pay for the four days of filming in Houston, but also the film’s sound mix, final edit and festival submission fees. It’s the minimum amount of money necessary to get the job done right, and anything more will only make the film that much better.

Please watch the trailer, share it with your friends and get excited about watching the completed film when it’s finished this May.

Project location: Houston, TX

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