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Thank you

I wanted to send out a quick post to everyone who has checked out my work so far and I hope all of you liked what you have read.  I wanted you to know that this is only a taste of what is to come.  My writing schedule is quite full and I have huge surprises for you next year.  I will go down the line of a few events coming up and later some fun things that we can do with my debut novel BANG, coming out later this month.

You see that I am releasing a few short stories on smashwords.com.  (and if I have annoyed you with crazy repetitive posts about those shorts I apologize, what would help is if any of you would gladly repost them onto your facebooks or twitters that would be amazing, but of course that is up to you)
The logic behind the shorts are to get what I can do out there and they also make a fun read.  I planned on releasing 5 short stories on smashwords (like a music artist would do with singles from an album coming out).  3 of which are available now.  (The Visit, I’ll Make You Remember Me, and The Get Back—all for $0.99).  I have two more I will release later on–one in January and the other later maybe march.
This is also a small advance promotion for a collection of short stories I want to release in the summer of 2011.
I have the cover design for the collection already created and prepared for release.  It will be available as an ebook and in paper back.  When it gets closer to the time I will release the cover art as well as the title for the collection.  Now I have to admit that “The Visit” will not be in the collection because it does not fit with the over all theme of the book.  It may appear in another collection later on.

****THE BIG NEWS****

It’s coming!!!!!!!!! lol you just don’t know…
BANG hits this month so you will need to go out and get a copy…it will be available on my website which I will post here and then a week after it goes live it will be available on amazon.com.  Then so on Barnes and Nobles, Boarders.com, etc.  
It will be available in paperback and as an ebook.
I’m so very excited about BANG coming out.  This book was described by a few who have sampled it as a porno book (lol which is funny to me because it isn’t.  It just has a lot of sex in it, but believe me when I say this…BANG is more than sex, its mystery/thriller.)  I hope everyone loves it!! : ) if not that is fine, you may like my next one.  It is a strong book with crazy characters.  Something is always going on and the plot changes as you slowly discover who shot Tim Jones.  If you pick the character you think it is and follow the story you may discover the truth before it ends–who knows.  
I was thinking about some fun things to do with this book release, other than having a fabulous party to celebrate, and of course I will sign anyones book if you want me to. But those events will be posted here so be looking for them.
I wanted to say that I have also started on my second book, which has taken a back seat to BANG and my short story collection, but it is finally on its way into development.  
This novel will be entirely different from BANG.  Still a mystery, but oh so much more.  I see a possible release in the Fall of 2011.  
So as you see I am a busy bee working on sharing my joy to you.  I love to write and I want you to read my work so you can enjoy it too.  
Again Thank you so much.  I will be posting more later on as things progress.  I will give you updates on the last two shorts and also the collection.  I will also let you know about my second book, which you can follow my writing progress on that by following me on twitter, facebook and myspace.
And look for BANG out this month.  It will be available in paperback on my website first before amazon, so be looking here for updates!!

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  1. o wow sounds exciting. i cant wait to get a copy and get it signed by you. so proud of u

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